NTT Data Profesionales del futuro
96.7% of the professionals of the future answered they prefer to work in a different format from the traditional, the one that is always face-to-face in the company. #ProfessionalsOfTheFuture


NTT Data Profeionalesdel Futuro

Through the area of Talent and Transformation, NTT DATA’s objective is enhancing the profiles and abilities most valued by enterprises, to confront challenges in the near future.

In addition, we strive to comprehend the professional expectations of employees and the obstacles that organizations must overcome in the short and medium term, with the objective of obtaining a better management of and growth for  talent.

At NTT DATA, we understand that all enterprises need talented, passionate, qualified individuals, who possess morals and values and have the ability to grow within the team.

This experience provides a digital profile for the user, that includes their strengths and weaknesses, to provide more value to the organization.

NTT Data Profeionalesdel Futuro

This will be an augmented reality experience, in which you will answer a series of questions using your browser.

NTT Data Profeionalesdel Futuro

Your answers will be used to generate personalized results and a digital profile.

NTT Data Profeionalesdel Futuro

This will provide insight on how to improve your skillset both within the organization and digital spaces.

The information provided will be utilized with the purpose of “talent detection” and falls under the terms and conditions described in the Privacy Notice.

Are you ready to discover your digital profile?